The IRHC Events committee creates, designs, and executes programs for the entire NYU residential population. IRHC traditions and events include FLURRY! UltraViolet Live, Midnight Breakfast, the Annual IRHC Alumni Reception, and Elegance. The events committee works together to keep these traditions alive and create new ones as well.

So why should I join the IRHC Events Committee?

The answer is quite simple! As a team, members of the IRHC events committee actively design, create, and execute campus-wide events. Being a member of the committee is fun, stimulating, and a hands-on experience that will help enhance your own residence hall’s programming, and build and broaden your creativity, leadership, and marketing skills. If you are creative, energetic, and excited about turning ideas inspired by the team into tangible realities enjoyed and appreciated by an audience of over 11,000 residents then the Events Committee is the place for you.

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